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Hi. I'm Miles, founder of Amazing Web Design

Over the years, as a web designer I have used numerous web hosting suppliers to manage customer websites and for my own sites (e.g. back in 2014, one of the web hosts I used was Vidahost, which I found quite good.)

However, in my view over time, many smaller innovative hosting businesses that provided good, attentive and reliable service for their customers have been 'swallowed up' by larger corporations, who commonly seem to 'buy up the customers' without then providing adequate service. This results in reduced competition and fewer suppliers a customer can choose from.

Website owners can choose a good web host 'today' and then 'tomorrow' find themselves corralled into migrating, or have their services cancelled, cut, or otherwise run by an entity with a bad service track record and little care about individual customers.

I have seen many website customers have their websites and strategy wrecked, just because the 'new', bigger, 'better' owner 'needed' to do the 'very next best thing' (or maybe just extract more profit out of loyal customers while 'offshoring support'.)

In these situations, I do not predominately blame the support staff. They do their best, they do not hire themselves, do not choose the infrastructure, company policy or decide how many customers are then stacked onto individual servers, or write the standard replies given.

But it is also true that not everyone is 'cut out' to provide quality technical support. It requires good honest communication, customer empathy, problem-solving abilities, technical knowledge and experience.

It also never ceases to amaze me how the overall reviews and rankings for these web hosts can bear little resemblance to the 'facts on the ground'.

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This lack of stability, fair care and attention for hosted customers frustrated me as I could see many affected by bad service. I also knew many of the problems that caused this state of affairs.

So I was motivated to use my experience and knowledge to spend more time and resource researching worldwide to assemble an independent reliable service using quality IaaS partners and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Our web hosting service was born.

The easy-to-choose and feature-rich service utilises the best and latest IT infrastructures globally, and is a natural complement to our 'circle' of select web services.

As well as providing good quality, upfront hosting packages for clients, all our own websites use the very same infrastructure.

It is the best and most reliable web hosting I have ever used!

Please note: We also offer award-winning website design and website management if it is not only web hosting you require.

Select Web Hosting Packages

* PLEASE NOTE: Unlike many web hosts, we do not limit the number of websites or domains on any package. The appropriate number of websites on your hosting package is dependent on the resources available within your selected package (e.g. SSD Storage and RAM), the contents of your website(s), and the number of site visitors you expect over time. You are always welcome to ask for further advice.

All our hosting packages come with

(Tap or hover any item for details)

FTP and SSH Access

Easy and secure remote access to all your files

File Access

via FTP or SFTP using:

  • Filezilla
  • Cyberduck
  • Any good FTP client app
  • As well as using cPanel File Manager

Plus you can set up individual separate passworded FTP accounts for different users on each website

PHP version selection

Choose the version you wish 


  • PHP versions 5.1 to 8.2 
  • Select for all domains or on a per website basis
  • Easily disable/enable PHP features/extensions 

Litespeed Web Servers

Similar to Apache, but faster and more secure

Lightning Fast and Secure

  • Litespeed Enterprise servers (up to 6x faster than Apache)
  • LSCache Server-side caching
  • Litespeed mitigates against DDoS attacks
  • Fast NVMe SSD drives
  • CloudLinux on shared facilities ensures user protection via complete account isolation.

30 Day refund

30-day, no-quibble money back guarantee

No-Quibble Refunds

If you are not completely happy with our service or just want to cancel then please request a full refund within 30 days.
After 30 days, any refund is related to the time remaining on a pro-rata basis.

Cloudflare / CDN

Infrastructure compatible with Cloudflare to increase security and performance if you choose

Cloudflare compatible

  • Register an independent Cloudflare account
  • Add your website domain to Cloudflare
  • Change your Domain Nameservers to Cloudflare's
  • Further configure Cloudflare Settings and test
  • Note: We do not supply Cloudflare.

cPanel control

Most widely-used
Control Panel

cPanel is

  • Easy to Use
  • Most widely used panel
  • Customizable
  • Well documented
  • Trusted for 20+ years
  • Migration-friendly

99.9% Uptime

Reliable drives and data centers make this possible 


  • Reliable, secure data centres
  • The best server software
  • Reliable NVMe SSD drives
  • Quality, cutting-edge infrastructure 

NVMe SSD Storage

The most reliable and fastest drive technology



  • Enterprise grade
  • Insanely fast (4x faster than SATA SSDs)
  • More 'like memory' than 'drive'

Server Locations

You can choose if you have a preference

Server Locations

  • UK (London)
  • Europe (Luxembourg)
  • USA (New York)

GDPR and customer location (if not using a CDN) can sometimes warrant a particular server location.

No Price Hikes

Consistent straight pricing for feature-packed packages. No renewal price hike schemes 

Many Web Hosts

in 'loss-leader' fashion, offer low initial pricing until you are maybe reliant on their services. And then double or heavily hike up the price after the initial enticement, sometimes at renewal time.

We Don't do that.

With us, new and existing customers enjoy the same level of predictable pricing and it is all transparent. 

Migration Help

Genuine help tailored to each individual case


Web hosts will commonly list migrations as 'quick, free and easy'. And if a customer migrates from a cPanel account to cPanel with similar infrastructures and available facilities between the two hosts, they can be.  But IT is not always that simple and migrations can require intimate complex knowledge of the systems and apps being migrated. In any event, you will receive appropriate assistance.

UK Support

Genuine Quality
Tech support 


For hosting-related problems and queries we are always available.  We have seen many support facilities over time, quoting 24/7 'this' and quick response to ticket 'that' with chatterbox always available. (Many with terrible problem-solving ability and accuracy record!). With us you get a straight explanation, good advice and invariably a fix (if fixable). Technical problems are usually best transparently addressed by written tickets.

Upgrade any time

Easy to upgrade (or downgrade) as your requirements change

To upgrade

Just contact us for advice or specify your new requirement and we will accommodate within the scope of packages we can offer. Can be requested at any time and the package costs are adjusted pro-rata. 

Cancel any time

Yes, you are free to cancel anytime whether on Monthly or Yearly billing cycle

Easy to cancel

If you are not happy with our service then just request a full refund within 30 days.
After 30 days, any refund is related to the time remaining on a pro-rata basis.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All our packages come with unmetered and unlimited bandwidth


Unlike some hosts, we do not as a matter of course limit/throttle bandwidth and your site can facilitate as many visitors as your package resources allow. However, we do reserve the right to implement our Fair Use Policy if any account uses excessive resources to such an extent that it adversely affects other users.  

Website builders

SitePad builder as well as cPanel's landing page Site Publisher

We include

SitePad website builder including premium themes as well as cPanel's Site Publisher for basic landing pages.

See More

Anti-DDoS Protection

is included in and protects all the packages we offer


The Litespeed scalable servers we use already include cutting-edge Anti-DDoS technology. i.e. it is built-in

Security Firewall Protection

Imunify360 server-level, real-time protection against website attacks.

Security via

  • Imunify360 Malware scanner.
  • CloudLinux further protects against cross-account attacks by isolating accounts at server level

Softaculous Apps

380+ 1-click auto installs
E.g. WordPress

Auto installer

for web apps and frameworks including: 

  • WordPress.
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Gallery
  • CodeIgniter
Read More


Industry Standard
Backup facility
Daily backups

Storage redundancy

  • Via JetBackup 5
  • Standard cPanel backups can also be used (but you need to download or transfer those backups)
  • All JetBackup backups are stored off-site

Free SSL Certificates

for all domains you add to your cPanel account

SSLs using

  • Free 256-bit encrypted SSL Certificates
  • A choice of 2048-bit or 4096-bit RSA key pairs
  • All easily managed (installed and renewed) via AutoSSL

Unlimited Databases

As many as your sites and web apps need!

MySQL Databases

We use the very latest version of MySQL and you can implement as many individual databases as you need. But as per fair use, we may need to apply limits in rare situations where a MySQL database gets so large that it affects server performance for all.  For normal purposes 1GB should be seen as a safe maximum limit.

Remote MySQL

to connect directly with all your databases

Remote MySQL

  • Allows you to directly and securely connect with your MySQL databases
  • is cPanel-controlled and allows you to whitelist specific IPs and domain names that you allow to use the remote database access facility
  • Use any good database management client software to access databases on your hosting from your local computer.

PhpMyAdmin App

Included for easy MySQL database management on your web hosting


is a popular open-source and industry-standard MySQL database manipulation tool which you can use to edit, query, import and export your databases.

Unlimited Sites

Add as many websites as you wish within the confines of package disk space


Unlike many web hosts, the number of websites you can add is only confined by the package's available disk space.

(Note: Our 'Single' package is only described as 'for 1 website' due to the disk space available within the package. However, you are able to put more than 1 site on the 'Single' package if the total used disk space fits within the package limits) 

Unlimited Domains

You can add unlimited Domains, Subdomains and Aliases


Yes, with our hosting you can add all the cPanel domains, add-on domains, subdomains and aliases you need within the confines of your package's available disk space

Unlimited Inodes

Inodes are web files and directories to you and me (They are all files really 'behind the scenes')

Inode limits

Many hosts impose inode limits while 'seeming' to offer a high or unlimited number of websites and domains. But these inode limits can impose a low limit 'through the back door' on the number of sites you can effectively use on your hosting. E.g. a hosting with a 200 site limit and unlimited disk space but with 250,000 inode limit could actually limit you to 8 or less WordPress sites taking up 12GB (Commonly not displayed in the front sales table!)  

Unlimited Email accounts

Access via SMTP/POP3/IMAP

Email addresses

You can set up an unlimited number of (domain-based) mailbox accounts with your hosting including using cach-all, forwarder, spam filter and autoresponder facilities.  

Ideal for WordPress

including e-commerce websites

Features like

  • Fast NMVe SSD drives
  • Litespeed LSCache Plugin
  • 1-click WordPress installs
  • Softaculous WordPress Manager

all make using WordPress like a breeze.


Included Litespeed LSCache add-on speeds your Apps

LSCache add-on


  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Prestashop
  • Opencart
  • Rewrite Rules, etc.

Straight Pricing

The upfront price you see is what you pay


Unfortunately, even ignoring price-escalator schemes, some hosts list monthly prices which you only get if you commit to pay annually! (Not always clear). Prices are also sometimes opaquely listed as 'From £x'.

Payment Options

We accept PayPal or Credit/Debit cards via Stripe

Monthly/Yearly by

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • You can also set up a standing order if you prefer

If our packages do not target your needs

Contact us and we will always do our best to accommodate:

  • You may require different resources for your web hosting.

  • You may require dedicated or VPS hosting (vs shared hosting).

  • You may require a dedicated IP address.

  • You may require website management vs just a web hosting facility.

  • You may require a fuller service including website design, hosting and management.

Ask if you are not sure which hosting package may be best for you.