Domain Names

to do your website justice


When you choose a domain name for your website, it is an opportunity to establish a firm base and long-lasting impression. A domain name is the real 'fixed home' for your site.  A web host and registrar can be changed much more easily than your domain name. Web pages with shorter addresses (URLs) have also been shown to rank better in search results.  The domain name is the root (and part) of the addresses for all the pages on your site.

A good and suitable domain name is of great importance and can:

  • help protect your brand
  • increase credibility and help you be more professional
  • improve your search engine rankings
  • be a good investment over time
  • make your website and service more memorable to your target audience


Many clients already have established domain names when they approach us for website design work.  But some do not, and sometimes they may wish to change their domain name, or add additional domains to consolidate similar names together, all properly pointing to the 'main domain'.

It is a sad fact that many new sites sometimes end up with inferior names or subdomains from one of the many online, 'template-type', website building services.  A subdomain will not help your SEO at all, not to mention the problems that can 'jump out at you' when/if you want to change your web host and/or domain name.

In these situations we can advise, make recommendations as to the best approach, and help carry out any necessary remedial work.  For instance: Any redirection of names to the main domain name needs to be done carefully to avoid duplication penalties from search engines.  And if the 'redirected from' domains have been previously used for the site, it is important to try and maximise the previous 'search engine and visitor credit' already built up for those pages.  (And to minimise 'Web page not found' errors)

As well as being able to advise and help in the negotiation and purchase of any external domain name, we have our own inventory of quality premium domain names.


There are no 'hard and fast' rules. But here are some useful tips:

  1. Shorter names that are easier and quicker to type and pronounce are normally preferable. So although one or two-word names are better, a three-word .com can be good too.
  2. Names more related to your website, product or service might be better.  However more obscure and uncommon words are easier to brand from a business standpoint when compared to more generically-termed domain names which say what they do.
  3. Numbers and hyphens within domain names can cause confusion for website visitors in terms of remembering and typing the address.  It can also cause problems if competitors adopt other similar variations.
  4. The overall aim with a domain name is to be succinct, memorable and meaningful and create some clear association between the domain name and your website, but whilst taking any trademark implications into account. (And all obviously within the confines of your budget and the domain name availability)
  5. Consider the domain name extension very carefully. Top-level (Premium) domain Dot-coms are commonly advantageous because they are much easier to remember, and in terms of credibility, they do convey a sense of higher-quality and seriousness.  Dot-coms are the most recognised and 'original choice' and the most-established businesses commonly trust the dot-com extension to represent their online presence.


There are numerous useful sources of good and premium domain names available on the web. But beware because there is also much 'rubbish' available too.  If you purchase a domain directly from a registrar who is also your hosting company or 'web template builder' service, we advise you to make sure your domain name is registered separately from your web host.

Why?  Well disputes do happen in life and can take time to sort out.  And why put all your 'main eggs' in one basket anyway!  A separate registrar for your domain name means you can always promptly direct your domain name to reference alternative hosting web space in any situation where there is a problem or dispute with your web host, thus minimising any website downtime. 

Here 'for starters' are a few good sources of premium domain names which we have had some dealings or association with: 

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More TOP Domains for sale Make offer 7,900 $US 9,600 $US 1,990 $US 2,999 $US Make offer 1,995 $US Make offer Make offer 7,500 $US
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