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Innovation In Business Martech Awards 2023 Winners Badge

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AmazingWebDesign (AWD) provide first-rate website creation and management.

Our web design experience and IT skill-base is extensive. And whether you require a simple small website, bespoke content management, or a full e-commerce solution with payment gateway and account facilities, we will always deliver a quality professional job.

When you combine this with our Digital Marketing, Hosting, Domain name, Programming and Graphic design skills, it all results in a fully integrated one-stop source for your web requirements.

Yes it is always positive to be recognised when winning first place current national and international awards in a highly competitive area, but our primary focus is always on the customer and their project aims.

I look forward to being part of your next project.

Miles Hitcham

(Founder and developer)

The cons of online website builders

Why choose us?

AmazingWebDesign (AWD) is the complete website service, there to provide you with an effective, responsive website you can be proud of.

We always help to make the process straightforward. From initial consultation, when defining your requirements, right through to developing your site, 'Plain English' is our first computer language ūüôā

There are countless web design services on the web. And we've all 'chosen to see' the adverts of well-known 'template-type' services.  But these can result in you not really owning your own website design at all, or having an inferior domain name. Or with you not being able to benefit from the specific back-end code your business/project needs.

The SEO presence can also be seriously compromised by such treatment.

It can be relatively easy to produce a good looking front-end design for a website (i.e. the pages you see, sometimes with gimmicky effects and some impressive images). However beyond that, it is much harder to produce a useful functional site which will dynamically service and communicate with your customers properly over time.

At AWD, we have all the programming skills to provide and integrate both sides of this equation, whilst also being cost effective, in order to help you make a return on your investment.


The chief developer and programmer at AWD has a broad and detailed knowledge with over 30 years IT experience.

Miles either works on a project himself, or otherwise personally oversees any element of a client project on which he collaborates, whatever is most efficient and appropriate.

The result is always top-notch and 'the eye' is always on the client's communicated priorities.

Miles is just as skilled and comfortable with front-end frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, languages like javascript and jQuery as he is with the latest front-end page building techniques and backend coding using lower level PHP and AJAX techniques.

If your site needs custom layouts using hand-coded CSS styling then that is what will be used.  Sometimes a simpler custom WordPress-type site is more appropriate to your needs and budget, so again the most suitable technology will be employed.  

There are situations where a simpler-type site is the initial request, but later on a more complex provision is needed.  In those circumstances we have the ability to 'drill down' at low level and tailor to what is required.

One size certainly does not fit all. We will always deliver an effective personal solution to your website goals by the most suitable technological means, and are not bound by a limited knowledge of just a few tools and languages.

As for SEO, many website developers automatically say they understand it, and unfortunately many do not.  SEO of a website is also commonly an afterthought, added later, not budgeted for or even given too much priority.  Such approaches are much less effective.  So we always like to consider the initial SEO goals at both the design and website development stages.

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Our full circle of web services

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Web Design

AWARD-WINNING WEB DESIGN.  Website design is much more than a pretty website or the latest trends in user interfaces. It is about 'the technical and complex' being condensed into 'the simple' and where form collaborates with function to communicate your message.

Digital Marketing

IF YOU WANT MORE VISITORS  to your website then Digital Marketing using email marketing, SEO, SEM and/or social media can all be good methods to use. But there are many pitfalls and so it needs to be done right. Contact us.

Web Management

AWARD-WINNING WEB MANAGEMENT For a fully-fledged website management service including web design, managed web hosting, and digital marketing all together while you get on with your business. Contact us.

Web Hosting

SELECT OUR FAST RELIABLE HOSTING where all our cPanel packages feature Lightspeed web servers, NVMe SSD storage, Free SSLs, unlimited domains, email addresses, databases, bandwidth, many extras and fair terms. Server locations: UK, Europe and USA. 

Domain Names

SELECT A QUALITY DOMAIN NAME and make all the difference to your business enterprise. The right name can help your website and service be more memorable and stand out to a target audience. Our specialisation is listing select domain names. No 99p names here!


Client Love!

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 "I have used Miles for his IT capabilities for very many years, most recently in the design and implementation of my ever evolving website,
His attention to detail you will find early on becomes beneficial if like me you are not an IT expert!
My website as stated continues to evolve in terms of design and functionality, along with extra security measures etc being implemented as and when required."
10 out of 10 Miles - thank you."
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