Both SEO and sometimes SEM are important ways to promote your website and maximise your online presence investment.  SEO is critical to any website's success.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of considering your website pages in terms of things that can be done to maximise and improve their positions within search engine results. i.e. to optimise their rankings within the search engine non-paid for (organic) search results.

It is beneficial to any website that when users search within the search engines on terms which are related to that website's main themes, for the website pages to appear as close as possible to the top of the search engine result listings.  


Better page rankings for suitable target/relevent search words means more website visits from people searching on those terms!


SEO to improve website page rankings without directly paying for positions is usually achieved by two main factors:

  1. On-page SEO which involves techniques to improve page content, relevancy to the terms/keywords, and the internal structure of the pages.  For this no expenditure is paid to the search engines, but many websites use a professional service such as ours to monitor and improve their rankings over time against their competitors.
  2. Off-page SEO involves identifying and then nurturing quality backlinks i.e. increasing the number of quality content sites that link to your website pages.  This includes social media links although it would be omissive not to say that there has been numerous security concerns over time as to the safety of using such platforms. Or to put it another way, sometimes when something is free and you don't yet know what is being sold, perhaps you need to have a look at yourself. (i.e 'that' may well be 'the thing' for sale?)



SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is more related to actually paying or bidding to the search engines at a certain rate for search engine rankings for specific keywords.  Only a certain proportion of search engine results are allocated to SEM, non-organic, pay-per-click (PPC).  The price that is bid for each keyword depends on how useful that keyword is and how competitive the bids are for that specific keyword.

We offer a full range of SEM services, however it is important to tailor such paid for advertising carefully to your website goals and with respect to the competition in your market.  We also always advise clients first to optimise their SEO for organic search engine results before considering PPC advertising.



There are numerous outfits offering SEO services on the internet and I think we've all seen their offers like 'We'll get you 1st page on Google', etc.  Our spam folder is full of it every day!  However the truth is that nobody can honestly guarantee that.  The reasons are multiple and many: Google and other engines constantly change their ranking criteria, the full criteria is not openly available, and the competition for each keyword is very different and variable.

To put it simply and with something that might make more sense than the enticing spam emails,

everyone cannot be on the first page or in those first 10 places of the search results!

And even if they could be, then which keyword(s) would that be for?  Some keywords are easier to achieve good placings for and not very competitive, but are also completely useless in terms of conversion and in generating productive visits to your site. There is an 'easy abundance' of 'help' available when it comes to SEO.

It is also true that many of these short-term services charge a modest fee, however commonly use methods that Google and other search engines sooner or later seriously penalise.

When they fail using these 'blackhat' methods, then it is you and your site which then pays the real price and you can then be left blacklisted from, or greatly demoted within search engine results.

This is certainly not the approach we take and I think you begin to see the pitfalls.

So SEO is useful for a successful website, but it can also get your site banned if not done properly, or if performed by 'heroic' methods.

There are however numerous legitimate ways to properly promote your site from an SEO and SEM standpoint and it is those methods that we utilise and promote.  It is also an ongoing process and we have the tools and knowledge to carry that out most effectively but without risking your site being demoted or removed from the search engine results.

Effective SEO work to improve search engine organic result rankings is very often about having good content and carefully making the right small but important changes to a website to make that clear.  This can over time greatly promote your site within the search engine results and positively transform the return from your site.

We offer an ongoing monthly bespoke SEO service to websites that we manage and also those which we do not manage. The monthly cost of each package is dependent on the site and the type of work required. Rather than getting you to chose from some tick box, 'going-through-the-motions', silver, gold, platinum-type package selection where you get standard SEO items dished up with little regard to whether it is a best fit for your site and circumstances, we create a personal SEO package suited for you.

So our SEO and SEM services are tailored to your particular site, your budget and your website goals

and the package will consist of some combination of the following:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content analysis of individual keywords
  3. Competitor analysis and ongoing comparison of your site with them for target keywords
  4. Comprehensive reports of the current SEO status and progress
  5. Link (backlink) building analysis and suggestions.
  6. Social Media analysis where appropriate
  7. Structural changes suggested and made to the individual pages.